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Laser Cutting:

Laser cutting as a technology for metal sheet processing is a preferred method because it achieves exceptional accuracy, precision of cuts, speed and quality. The cut surface is with high smoothness and needs no additional processing.
Cutting of steel using laser technology is one of the fastest developing technologies for metal processing of flat plate steel.
The combination of highly concentrated energy of the beam and its precise control provide infinite possibilities of application of laser cutting.
The use of laser beam as a cutting tool has the following advantages:

  • The technological operations in processing the details of sheet material with complex configuration and requirements for speed and accuracy in manufacturing in small and medium series are significantly reduced;
  • The short track of the laser beam provides high speed, quickness and precision of laser cutting and minimum width of the cut;
  • High purity and precision of the cut, as the cut surface is with high smoothness and needs no additional treatment;
  • Minimum zone of thermal influence on the edges of the material subject to cutting that can be offered by no other cutting technology;

Powder Coating:

In powder coating - powder paint is applied by sprinkling dry powder. Its main difference with ordinary liquid paint is that it does not require a solvent to maintain the hardener and colorant liquid. In powder coating, paint is usually applied by electrostatic manner, then dried by heat treatment to form in a coating. It may be a thermoplastic or thermosetting polymer. Typically it is used to cause a stable finish paint layer, which is more stable than the one made with ordinary paint. Powder paint is used mainly for painting metal, aluminum compactions, thin steel, car and lift parts. Newer technologies allow other materials such as MDF (medium density fibreboard) to be painted in different ways.
Powder coating has several advantages over ordinary liquid:

  • powder paint emits zero or near zero harmful organic compounds;
  • powder paint may become a much stronger film than ordinary liquid paint, without running or swelling;
  • excess powder paint can be recycled and thus nearly 100 percent utilization of the paint can be achieved;
  • The resources and costs for use of powder paint are generally lower than of the ordinary paint;
  • The places, painted with powder paint tend to have small differences in the types of horizontal and vertical painted surface than those painted with liquid paint;
  • Easy to achieve a wide variety of special effects, which is impossible with other types of painting;
Metal Processing:
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