Drive - electric

The main units of the electric lift are: lift mechanism and microprocessor control system.

Electric drive can be used in lifts with upper location of the engine room, lower location of the engine room and no engine room. Electric drive is preferred for buildings with more than 30 meters height and speed over 1 meter per second.
For electric driven lifts with an engine room, a mandatory element is that the location of the engine room should be above the lift shaft or immediately contiguous to it. In intensive traveler flow it is advisable to be built more lifts working with common control (duplex, triplex).
For a more comfortable ride, the lifts are implemented with double-speed machines or with frequency control, for easy regulation of the engine speed.

Based on its long experience in manufacturing lifts, Multilift selected for their partners-suppliers of lift mechanisms, the Italian companies: SICORs.p.a, FAER, MONTANARI, and the Turkish AKAR.
The company uses the following controllers for microprocessor control system: KSA-16, EKM-64, EKM-65, EKM-85 of the German company RECOBA, as well as controllers of own production.