Car Lifts

Due to the increased growth in construction and the increasing number of cars, it is necessary to ensure a greater number of parking spaces in the design of new buildings.

Good solution in such situations are car lifts, transporting cars in underground and over-ground car parks where there is no opportunity to build ramps.

Multilift presents the best Italian manufacturers in this field.
Scissor platforms ATMEC Srl with one, two or three scissor mechanism, depending on the height needed to be overcome, are manufactured in sizes set by the clients of Multilift and not in standard sizes.
They have a clean design, economical power, 4-5 KW, depending on the lifting capacity and the size of the car lift.
They are covered with fluted stainless steel and safety railings.
There is a possibility for different input configurations and automatic control of floor applications and doors. Again depending on the height of the lifting, they have small physical thickness in bent position-600-800mm, which is also the necessary depth of pit shaft below the first floor landing, significantly less than that needed for a lift.


However, when unable to achieve this depth, Multilift offers alternative car lifts:
REX 30;
MOVE 30;
MOVE 20/20;

All of them are designed as alternatives to insoluble situations and have their advantages for a specific environment.
The model mounted most often among these is the scissor car lift - REX 30. It has a different suspension system - at the end points, which allows greater height to be overcome.



Its vision was also improved - lightweight structure combined with silver-blue ensemble, which is preferred by customers.
In car lifts: MOVE 30; MOVE 30N; MOVE 30L; MOVE 30T; for the grip and implementation of movement are used two hydraulic cylinders located respectively laterally, centrally and diagonally to the central axial line of the platform.



Here the necessary depth of pit shaft below the first floor landing is only 215-230mm. By design, they are solved similarly to REX 30.

MOVE 20/20; BIPARK 26 are lightweight structures that are built as single or double.



Here the principle of operation is lifting of a car to a particular height by releasing the place occupied till this moment.

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