Multilift assemble different types of lift doors to their sites:

Semi-automatic lift doors;

The semi-automatic doors can be left and right with 800 mm to 1100 mm size of the clear opening / aligned with the new European standard /, for old buildings commenced for construction which does not allow that size, there is an exception and the size is 700 mm to 1100 mm. Doors are mounted painted with primer, powder coating or paint. Door kit includes: Reinforced glass, decorative glass frame, a device for tightly closing, a lock and a handle.


Automatic lifts doors;

Automatic doors can be several sectional / telescopic / with central, right or left opening with double, triple or quadruple telescope. The clear opening of the doors when in an open position depends on the width of the shaft. The height of the doors in standard lifts is 2000 mm.


Two-wing lift doors;

Two-wing lift doors with manual opening and closing are used in installation of lifts with a lifting capacity of 500 kg. to several tons. The dimensions of the clear opening of the door varies according to the width and height of the cab complying with the European requirements. These doors can be fitted also in kitchen type of lifts.


Guillotine Lift Doors.

Guillotine doors are designed for small platforms and dumbwaiters with small lifting capacity.


Each of the door types is installed depending on the type of lift.