Cabins - Panoramic

Particular interest to clients in modern construction are the panoramic lifts. They are more spectacular in terms of design. They have various options for shapes, colors, applications for different solutions to the individual characteristics of the buildings.
The finished cabin is largely determined by the spoilers, which are usually made from the same material as the base material of the cab and follow its geometry.


Panoramic lifts can be implemented either with hydraulic or with reducing power. Power method depends on the building, floors, the desired speed and load, the position of the engine room.
To overcome lower heights, performance with direct suspension of the cab to the hydraulic cylinder is possible, and for larger height- with indirect suspension-2:1, which allows twice the speed of the cab than the one of the roller block. Direct suspension allows more panoramic walls.



Panoramic cabins can be made with a variety of forms, the most commonly used are shown on the attached diagrams.

Generally, lining materials that customers can choose from the various catalogs of Multilift under negotiations, can be used for the cabs manufacture.